Our experience in homeowner communities administration includes:

  • Inscription of the property in the Delegación de Hacienda and  necessary procedures to obtain the  NIF.(Fiscal Identity Number) 
  • Issue and payment management  of receipts corresponding to the ordinary and extraordinary budget.
  • Control and payment of all the Community economic debts of periodic and regular, as well as other exceptional types that the Community entrusts, authorized by the President of the Community  to maintain correct building services.
  • Constitution of Community, for those properties requiring this service.
  • Legalization of the Community Minutes Book.
  • Annual payment of expenses and income, detailing all the expenses, grouped in accounts, and distributed on the basis of the corresponding coefficient of share, and detailing the income by  different issue concepts, listing the individualized amounts, mailing a copy to all the owners.
  • Preparation of the annual Budget of expenses.
  • Elaboration and management of the General, Ordinary and Extraordinary Meetings attended by VM3 Fincas S.L. specialized staff.
  • Preparation and mailing  the Community Meetings minutes to all the homeowners and trascription to the Community Minutes Book.
  • We manage a team of technicians specialised in maintenance and conservation of buildings.
  • We ask and negotiate all types of estimates for repairs needed in the building.
  • We manage the transaction of insurance claims, with the community insurance company, with continuous monitoring, until the final resolution.

And in general any other service related to the good operation of each community.